MTUG's Mission

The Maine Technology Users Group (MTUG) is an independent, non-profit organization dedicated to bringing IT professionals and business leaders together to network, educate, and share technology experiences.

Over 30 years ago, in January 1987, under the sponsorship of the University of Southern Maine, representatives from various Maine businesses and organizations established the Maine Telecommunications Users Group. In the winter of 2013, MTUG’s name was changed to the Maine Technology Users Group to better reflect the scope of issues it addresses, and changes in the industry.

MTUG is a 501(c)6 nonprofit organization with an educational mission open to the entire Maine community of technology professionals and enthusiasts. MTUG events are supported by generous sponsorships at our annual tradeshow and periodically at other events throughout the year. Sponsorships are unaffiliated with MTUG workshop topics. Presenting at MTUG events is free -- MTUG workshop presenters and topics are chosen by MTUG's volunteer Board of Directors.