Portland Peers & Beers

MTUG Events

Thu., Aug. 24, 2017, 4:30 - 6:30 PM

Location: Bruno's Restaurant & Tavern

MTUG hosted our season opening "Peers & Beers" -- co-sponsored by Blue Spruce Technologies! (www.bluesprucetechnologies.com)

The evening featured a brief "Tech Spotlight" presentation:
"Instant Infrastructure with Amazon CloudFormation."

Christopher Falk, Director, IT Operations & Security at MPX will share his experiences with Amazon CloudFormation and demonstrate a recent project, highlighting best practices. MTUG will also briefly demo their new website due to be released this fall with new Job Board, Directory, and Tech Community Announcement and Event posting tools to help MTUG promote all the great events and initiatives tech groups across the state have for professionals to further their knowledge and networks.

MTUG also highlighted the upcoming 2017-18 season of informative educational webinars and Peers & Beers events that run from fall through spring, and focus on a variety of business technology topics.

MTUG’s Peers and Beers events are a chance for IT professionals and enthusiasts to network in an informal setting while learning about a unique technology topic. There are usually four held each season -- two in the fall and two in the spring -- at locations across Maine.


Christopher Falk

IT Operations & Security at MPX

 Tech Spotlight Presentation: "Instant Infrastructure with Amazon CloudFormation." 


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