Portland Peers & Beers with Allen Cornwall

MTUG Events

Thu., Jun. 29, 2023, 4:30pm - 6:30pm

Location: Bruno's Restaurant & Tavern, 33 Allen Ave., Portland, ME 04103

MTUG Peers & Beers Gathering at Bruno's Restuarant in Portland, Maine

Join MTUG and Allen Cornwall, a speaker at this year's Annual I.T Tradeshow & Summit, for a reprise of his topic: "End of life technology: security, environmental, regulatory & social impacts".

Peers & Beers  attendees will learn about all of the different aspects of end of life technology, from a data security perspective, an environmental perspective, and compliance perspective with the Maine Department of Environmental Protection, that they likely are not aware they are required to do. The workshop will help answer some difficult challenges faced by businesses with their end-of-life technology, while educating them on others. The workshop will offer information on the nature of the recycling processes and what the real challenges in the world are; that “reuse” has an exponentially better impact on the environment; and that by solving their own problems they can help address digital inclusion needs.

This event is open to and free for the public. We hope you'll join us for this fabulous, educational networking session.


Many thanks to our Peers & Beers Sponsor Systems Engineering !

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