ExecTech Webinar: Cyber Threats vs. Humans & the Future

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Wed., Oct. 14, 2020, 11am to Noon

Location: Online at http://mtug.webex.com

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Cyber threats are increasingly targeting individual users in small to large organizations – initiating attacks via social engineering, spear phishing, or even attacking through their trusted suppliers. Technology based counter threats are trying, but sometimes failing, to keep up with the constant pace of threats change. More future focused strategies are needed.

This workshop explores current cyber threats targeting technology users, and presents and discusses technology based as well as other strategies to help counter those threats. Predicting future threats and preparing for future threats is a further emphasis.

This session helps attendees:

  • Understand current landscape of key technology based threats targeting our users.
  • Learn of proven strategies to counter those threats – both IT technology based and helping users be part of the defense (and response).
  • Learn how to predict future threats and identify needed defenses.

MTUG thanks our volunteer board member Eugene Slobodzian, who coordinated this event's speakers and topic.


Frank Appunn

Thomas College, InfraGard Maine Chapter

Dr. Frank Appunn is known widely as a respected, engaging, enthusiastic professor, speaker, and researcher in the areas of cybersecurity, technology, project management, and business, with teaching and research roles at Thomas College and Northcentral University. He has been an entrepreneur for more than 20 years, providing technology, security and project management solutions to the banking, health, and mining sectors in North America, Europe, and Africa. In addition, Frank is an active member of the Maine Chapter of InfraGard, a partnership between the FBI and the private sector committed to creating a seamless public-private collaboration that expedites the timely exchange of information and learning opportunities relevant to the protection of critical infrastructure. Frank was honored with a Regional Chairman's Award among this year's National InfraGard Awardees in August 2020.

Barb Armstrong

Sr. Director, Information Privacy & Security, MaineHealth and Infragard ME Vice President

In her role at MaineHealth, Barb oversees a cross functional team of IT security engineering and administrative professionals supporting and working with MaineHealth member organizations. Her work in the IT Security arena spans almost 30 years across public accounting, retail, and healthcare industries, with diverse experience including Payment Card Industry (PCI) standards, Healthcare Privacy, and many aspects of Information Security technology and management. Barb also serves on the Board of the Maine Chapter of InfraGard, and encourages others interested in IT Security or related fields to get involved and stay connected and current to help everyone be a little safer.

Barb holds a BA from Bowdoin College in English and Economics (and a minor in Geology), and a MA in Accounting with a specialization in IT Audit and Security from Arizona State University.

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Video & Downloads

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[PDF] InfraGard - "Cyber Threats vs. Humans & the Future" with Frank Appunn & Barb Armstrong

[PPSX PowerPoint Show File] InfraGard - "Cyber Threats vs. Humans & the Future" with Frank Appunn & Barb Armstrong

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(All presenter content is posted "as-is" and does not reflect the opinions of or any endorsement by MTUG, its board members, or constituents.)