Webinar: Supporting Collaboration with Technology

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Wed., Feb. 27, 2019, 11am to Noon

Location: Online at http://mtug.webex.com

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The technology landscape is not just evolving faster -- the people and processes in implementing technology are requiring more subject matter experts (SME's) than ever before, across a wider set of disciplines than ever before. Companies looking to hire the best and brightest must compete on a endlessly-shifting playing field to garner talented people.

Scott Larsen discusses how your organization can build highly collaborative teams and allow you to utilize talent wherever you can find it. He covers the critical need to understand why your organization might want a collaborative or remote team, and gives insight into the practical details and real-world scenarios across various organizations with which he has worked. Balancing theory with practicality and reality, Scott will relay his real-world lessons for leading your organization in implementing collaborative processes and tools.

Software discussion will remain mostly agnostic but include a comparison of Scott's experiences with tools such as Slack and Microsoft Teams. On the practical side, the presentation will look into philosophies of using different types of communications tools such as email vs. messaging tools vs. conference call tools, as well as the SLA's behind personal communications, in managing teams.

MTUG thanks volunteer board member Uli Stewart (Vantage Point Recruiting) for coordinating the speaker and topic for this month's presentation.


Scott Larsen

Scott is a demonstrated leader and technology strategist across multiple industries, including travel, communications and healthcare. His core experience has been building and reorganizing high performance technology teams including development, data and technology SME’s leveraging Agile principles. His experience has led him to the forefront of implementing cloud technologies and building remote-based teams, both requiring an evolving approach to people, processes and the application of technology. His most recent experience as CTO for Mingle Analytics required him to build rapidly scaling development, data and systems teams and supporting cloud infrastructure for a healthcare data warehouse and analytics company with a SaaS platform serving more than 3,500 clients in all 50 states. During his tenure Mingle grew from 6 employees, to more than 120 employees and contractors in 15 states and in 4 different countries. Scott earned his Bachelors Degree in Information Systems Management from the University of Phoenix, while raising his 3 children and working full-time in the technical event production industry. After he received his degree, he started working in IT as a Help Desk Support Technician and has worked in every organizational level of technology up to and including CIO and CTO. In 2017 he was selected to and completed the Daniel Hanley Healthcare Leadership Program in Maine. He lives in South Paris, ME, and spends his spare time writing, enjoying his grandchildren, and playing ice hockey.

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(All presenter content is posted "as-is" and does not reflect the opinions of or any endorsement by MTUG, its board members, or constituents.)