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  • Industry Sector / Subsector: TECHNOLOGY: User and Advocacy Groups, TECHNOLOGY: Tech Education Resources
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    A program of Educate Maine, Project>Login is the state’s leading resource for anyone interested in the computing and IT field.

    The TechHire Initiative, launched by President Obama in March of 2015, is a multi-sector effort to empower Americans with the skills they need, through universities and community colleges as well as non-traditional paths to technology training.

    Candidates come to TechHire Maine through several avenues:

    • Project>Login community and employer partners
    • Social media campaigns (follow us on Facebook, twitter, YouTube and Instagram)
    • Adult Education centers
    • Self-referral—that could mean you! Call one of the navigators in your area - Ryan 207-356-3819, Kyle 207-956-2959, or Deb 207-210-4575

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