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2014 MTUG Conference Registration

Sign Up for the MTUG Conference! Enter your name and other details into the "Contact" fields below. This form can be used both for regular attendees and for adding more exhibiting attendees to a exhibiting booth. Students must use the Student Registration form to receive the student discount.

Multiple Registrations: If you are registering multiple people, use the "Number of Additional Attendees" option near the bottom to indicate how many, and the form will show additional attendee fields.

Exhibitor-Associated Attendees: You may use this form to add additional attendees to your company's booth, or make substitutions to those included in your package. NOTE: Exhibitor-associated attendees MUST check the "I am a Registered Exhibitor" checkbox at bottom. The Additional Exhibitor Attendees fee is equivalent to the Attendee Advanced Purchase fee.

If your attendee(s) should count among those included within an Exhibitor/Sponsorship package, use these settings: "Registered Exhibitor"=CHECK, Payment Method="GUEST", Referral=[company name on Exhibit Booth], and leave any substitution details in the Comments field (i.e., those NOT going anymore). Please use separate submissions for groups of paid versus included/guest attendees. MTUG reviews "Guest" submittals and will email back approvals to the primary attendee and the Exhibitor's contact email.

The "Contact" name here is the first attendee (unlike the Exhibitor Form).

Thank you for your participation - we look forward to seeing you in May!

If you have multiple people to register, and use Internet Explorer 9 (IE9), some IE9 installations may not show the "Additional Attendee" name and email fields after you choose a "Number of Additional Attendees." If this issue occurs for you, please use another browser (IE8, IE10, Chrome, etc. all seem to work), or enter attendees on separate forms. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Single Attendee Registration Form
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Your total amount to be invoiced will be listed on the next screen after you click "Send."

If you have chosen to pay by credit card, there will be a "Pay Now" button at the next screen.

Invoices (Paid and Unpaid) will be sent BY EMAIL to the "Contact" listed above unless specified otherwise in the Comments field.