Lightning Talks - Round 1

Oct. 26, 6:00 PM - Oct. 26, 9:00 PM

Location: Cloudport CoWorking MultiSpace, 63 Federal St, Portland, ME

The next Maine.JS meetup will be held on October 26th at the Cloudport CoWorking Space in Portland. The topic of the meeting will be "Lightning Talks". Please ping me via the meetup chat and/or reply to this thread if you are interested in being a a speaker.

Scheduled Lightning Talks:

  1. Ryan Bethel -, a new HTML first framework from
  2. Jamie Davis - SvelteKit / Vite upgrade. Discuss what changes I had to make to my Svelte project after upgrading vite from version 3.0.0 to 3.1X.
  3. TBA
  4. TBA
  5. TBA

Looking forward to the next meetup! Amatos Pizza / Sandwiches will be provided as well. Hope to see you there.


6 - 6:30 pm - Meet and Greet

6:30 - 8:30 pm - Lightning Talks

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