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May 4, 2016 MTUG Portland Peers & Beers

TECH SPOTLIGHT: eRecycling for Good Cosponsored by Blue Spruce Technologies

No slide upload available.

April 13, 2016
Trends in Server Infrastructure

Doug Ennis of OneBridge Consulting, Joe McIntyre of Systems Engineering, and Brad Martin of Franklin Savings Bank present their views of trends in infrastructure solutions toward Software Defined Networking (SDN) and hyperconverged solutions.

[Slides-PDF] - Joe McIntyre, Business Development Manager at Systems Engineering, presents how SDN is changing the purchasing decisions for server infrastructure for storage and disaster recovery (DR) solutions. Flexible and efficient SDN backup/DR solutions are driving businesses away from traditional hardware-intensive, proprietary, and expensive DR server infrastructure solutions.

[Slides-PDF] - Brad Martin, IS Manager at Franklin Savings Bank, discusses their enterprise implementation where a hardware agnostic, hypervisor-based backup and recovery solution has reduced the physical server footprint and expenses while improving the system’s recovery point, time objectives, and operational efficiency for testing the recovery solution.

March 9, 2016
Mobile Device Management

Dan Groves of Gorham Savings Bank, Jeremy Koch of Foxcroft Academy, and John Revy of AT&T heir organizations' approach to managing mobile devices for their respective internal staff and customers and the mobile device management market in general.

[Slides-PDF] - Dan Groves, Systems Analyst at Gorham Savings Bank, discussed device management using MobileIron, MobileIron Web@Work, and use of SharePoint over iPads.

[Slides-PDF] - Jeremy Koch, Technology Specialist at Foxcroft Academy, discusses how the education sector in Maine was ahead of the curve in adopting one-to-one computing, but the tide has now turned to highly mobile tablet-based learning. He will explore some of those changes and how to manage them.

[Slides-PDF] - John Revy, Enterprise Mobility Manager at AT&T, discusses the paradigm shift to a "mobile first" strategy in enterprise mobility infrastructures. He addresses key security and environment considerations in a "mobile first" implementation.

February 10, 2016
Enabling a Mobile Workforce

Roo Dunn of H+K Strategies, Tony Martins of Unum and Dale Shaw of Idexx explain different policy and technology structures to support and manage a remote workforce. Coordinated by boardmembers Terry DelMonte and Uli Stewart.

[Slides-PDF] - Tony Martins, Director of Network Operations at Unum, discusses the variety of communications options they consider when enabling their remote workforce.

[Slides-PDF] - Roo Dunn, Telecommunications and Conferencing Manager at Hill+Knowlton Strategies, presents policy and management considerations when working with a mobile helpdesk staff.

[Slides-PDF] - Dale Shaw, Global Telecommunications Manager at Idexx, discusses how their environment/facilities, policies, and technical tools help support their mobile and remote workforce.

January 27, 2016 MTUG Lewiston Peers & Beers

TECH SPOTLIGHT: The Internet of Things

MTUG Peers & Beers - cosponsored by SymQuest[Slides-PDF] - Aron Semle, Research and Development Lead at Kepware, gives a brief overview of the the Internet of Things as it has applies across a variety of applications and industries.

January 13, 2016
What's New - Hosted PBX

Mike Linn of, presents the history and latest tools/techniques in Hosted PBX, and Al Bakutis, Enterprise Network Manager, at Fairchild Semiconductor, presents their hosted PBX decisions. Boardmembers Abbie Brown and Chris Falk coordinated.

[Slides-PDF] - Mike Linn, Enterprise Sales Development at Switch Communications ( presents on voice communications for the modern workforce with a look at leveraging the cloud to power mobility, stimulate collaboration, and boost productivity.

[Slides-PDF] - Al Bakutis, Enterprise Network Manager at Fairchild Semiconductor presents on their perspectives when investigating hosted PBX solutions.

December 9, 2015
PCI Compliance

Jockel Carter returned to the MTUG platform to do an updated webinar version of his excellent PCI Compliance presentation from the 2015 MTUG Summit. MTUG Board member Linda Ollen and director Kate Carpenter moderated.

[Slides-PDF] - Jockel Carter, Senior Information Security Advisor at Sage Data Security and president of the Maine Chapter of ISC2, discusses PCI Compliance.

November 18, 2015
Security Awareness

A panel of Maine security experts detail security awareness and training tips, stories, and techniques.

[Slides-PDF] - Randy Porter, IT Director with Alexander & Schmidt presents on "Security Awareness for Small Companies” and will discuss how IT managers without a formal security staff can sustainably raise employee security awareness.

[Q&A Feed - Webinar#2] See the audience Questions and Answers asked of our presenters (many answers given in audio of above presentation).

November 4, 2015 MTUG Bangor Peers & Beers

TECH SPOTLIGHT: Log Management - Navigating the Log Jam

MTUG Peers & Beers - cosponsored by FairPoint Communications[Slides-PDF] "Navigating the Log Jam" - Cory Cavanagh of Bangor Savings Bank presents on security log management considerations, and discusses the pros and cons of the major tools available.

October 21, 2015
Recent Broadband Legislation - An Update for Maine Communities and Businesses

The Maine Public Advocate and a northern Maine service provider discuss the impact of recent legislation on the effort to bring high-quality broadband access to Maine communities and businesses.

[Slides-PDF] Tim Schneider, Public Advocate for the State of Maine summarizes recent changes in state broadband policy resulting from the last legislative session, including development of a broadband strategic plan, support for community broadband planning, and elimination of the broadband sustainability fee.  He will also describe opportunities for communities and businesses to engage on these issues over the next 6-8 months.

[Slides-PDF] Don Flewelling, Director of Government and Public Relations Pioneer Broadband, will discuss the unique challenges in bringing broadband to rural areas such as northern Maine, and the role that service providers can play.

[Q&A Feed - Webinar#1] See the audience Questions and Answers asked of our presenters (many answers given in audio of above presentation).

September 16, 2015 MTUG Portland Peers & Beers

TECH SPOTLIGHT: Wireless Spoofing Demo and Strategies

MTUG Sept'15 Peers & Beers co-sponsored by Aruba Networks[PDF of slides only] "Evil Twin Wireless Attack" by Samuel Gaudet.

MTUG Boardmember Christopher Falk of Reliable Networks and Samual Gaudet of Tenable Network Security demonstrated Wireless Spoofing and discussed strategies at the September 16, 2015 Peers & Beers event at RiRa Irish Pub, Portland. Aruba Networks was our generous co-sponsor.

April 22, 2015
The Internet, Your People, HR and the Law

A panel discussion with Kirk Egge of Mechanics Savings Bank, and Michael Malloy, Associate Attorney - Brann and Isaacson Attorneys

Michael Malloy of Brann & Isaacson Attorneys discusses the legal issues behind employee internet access and device use.

Kirk Egge, CIO at Mechanics Savings Bank, gives one perspective -- toward the stricter end of the spectrum -- about managing employee device and internet use in the enterprise.

March 11, 2015
Finding and Keeping Good IT People

A panel discussion with Ron Cantor, President of SMCC, Alex Kellogg, Recruiting Manager at TEK Systems, and Michelle Love, VP/HR Manager, Camden National Bank

Maine IT Workforce: Maine businesses, like most US businesses, are having a hard time recruiting and retaining IT staff.  In this session, a Maine  employer, a Maine recruiter and a Maine educator will share their perspectives on the issues. MTUG boardmembers and webinar coordinators Curt Sweet and Christopher Falk moderate a live online panel session with a studio audience to tackle the difficult issues of building a vibrant IT workforce. Panelists include:

The attached included presentation contains contributions from all panelists, and the moderators. [We are working to improve the quality of this webinar's video/audio. Thank you for your patience].

February 11, 2015
MTUG Webinar - Wireless for Business Continuity and Mobility

Chet Smith of Verizon Wireless gives an overview of industry trends and options for supporting business continuity and a mobile workforce with 4GE LTE wireless solutions.

Wireless Options for Business Continuity and Mobility Strategies, presented by Chet Smith, Advanced Solutions Architect, Verizon Wireless. Event moderation by MTUG director Kate Carpenter, with coordination assistance from MTUG Board Member Alan Bakutis of Fairchild Semiconductor.

January 14, 2015
MTUG Peers & Beers - Microsoft Exchange 2013 Migration with Bangor Savings

Andrew Grant and Jared Simpson of Bangor Savings discuss their recent MS Exchange 2013 migration.

Overview of Migrating to Exchange 2013 - Bangor Savings Bank's Experience, with Jared Simpson and Andrew Grant, Bangor Savings Bank. Event coordination by Christopher Falk of Reliable Networks, Kevin Heatley of Gorham Savings Bank, and MTUG director Kate Carpenter.

December 10, 2014
MTUG Webinar - Don't Gift Your Data for Xmas

Tim Nee of Cisco Systems discusses the threat landscape and best practices for securing data enterprise

Securing Your Infrastructure (Don't Gift Your Data for Xmas!): Tim Nee of Cisco presents a picture of the threat landscape and overview of specific strategies and best practices.

November 12, 2014
MTUG Webinar - Community Broadband Planning

Panelists Aaron Paul of Tilson Technologies, Phil Lindley of ConnectME Authority, Page Clason of Islesboro, and Fletcher Kittredge of GWI

Economic Planning with Broadband presented by Aaron Paul, senior consultant, Tilson Technologies.

Why Broadband Matters: a presentation by Phil Lindley, Executive Director, ConnectME Authority

Broadband for Our Community's Needs: Page Clason, a citizen, volunteer and business owner in Islesboro, is active in helping to plan Islesboro's town network. Here he presents their community's specific challenges and needs for sufficient broadband access.

Municipal Broadband Roadmap: Fletcher Kittredge, CEO of GWI, presents a step-by-step pathway for exploring and implementing community broadband.

October 15, 2014
MTUG Webinar - Security in the Cloud

Led by David Hoff of Cloud Sherpas and L. Mark Stone of Reliable Networks, a division of OTT Communications - overview of threat landscape and management strategies

Cloud Security Secrets No One Will Tell You (Unless You Know How To Ask), with L. Mark Stone of Reliable Networks, a division of OTT Communications - moderated by Chris Falk of Reliable Networks and MTUG board member.

Cloud Security - Practical Lessons, with David Hoff of Cloud Sherpas - moderated by Al Bakutis of Fairchild Semiconductor and MTUG board president.

October 1, 2014
MTUG Webinar - Security Overview
Today's Security Threats

Led by Jonathan Mahoney of Presidio and MTUG board member and webinar coordinator Scott Buckheit of Camden National Bank, identifies key security challenges, requirements, and best practices.

Today's Security Threats, with Jonathan Mahoney of Presidio and moderated by Ryan Smith of Presidion, and Scott Buckheit of Camden National Bank.

November 4, 2013
Simpler, Greener, Cheaper, Saner
Virtualizing desktops and to the cloud

Virtualized Desktop Environments (VDI): The Who, What, Why, When and How, with Matt Bator and Michael Fraser of Dell, and Erik Murphy and Mike Pratt of SymQuest.

Citrix Xendesktop at Gorham Savings Bank: Benefits, Challenges and Recommendations, with Jeremy Payne of Gorham Savings.

Could Virtualization: Options, Strategies and AutoEurope, with David Gibson and Rick Beaupre of Windstream, and Aaron Miriam of AutoEurope

October 2, 2013
Innovation at UNUM
Unum’s Innovation Center–Tim Fitzgerald
Mobile Apps Strategy, and Cloud Policy–Tim Durgan

Tim Fitzgerald, Unum's Innovation Center Director, discusses the Center’s work to foster creative and innovative solutions. Tim Durgan, Unum Enterprise Applications Architect, discusses Mobile Apps strategies, and their Cloud First policy for new tech.

October 2, 2013 - Regulatory Update by Wayne Jortner, Senior Counsel, Maine Public Advocate

After MTUG's summer break, Wayne Jortner, Senior Counsel, Maine Office of the Public Advocate, brings us up to date on regulations affecting the industry.

April 3, 2013
Regulatory Update
Thomas College, Waterville

Regulatory Update -- Telecommunication Regulation, The End of an Era?: Tom Welch, Maine PUC

Regulatory Update -- Universal Service in Telecom: Wayne Jortner, Office of the Public Advocate

Regulatory Update -- CLEC Perspective: Fletcher Kittredge, GWI

Regulatory Update -- Shifting Focus: Ben Sanborn, Telecommunications Association of Maine

March 6, 2013
End User Selected Topic (End User Only)
South Portland City Hall

Infrastructure/Cabling -- Wired or Wireless: Tim Hooper, Connectivity Point

Infrastructure/Cabling -- Wireless Solution Summary: Mike Cote, Fairchild Semiconductor

Infrastructure/Cabling -- Wireless at IDEXX: Dale Shaw, IDEXX

February 6 2013
Bring Your Own Device/Mobility
South Portland City Hall, South Portland

BYOD -- Are You Ready?: Ted Kern, Schooley Mitchell and Paul Troisi, Troy Security Solutions

January 9, 2013
Tech Talk Panel/How Things are Done (End User Only)
South Portland City Hall

Tech Talk Panel -- Anthem

Tech Talk Panel -- Fairchild Semiconductor: Greg Tait (Google Drive)

Tech Talk Panel -- Fairchild Semiconductor: Kevin Calderwood (BYOD)

December 5, 2012
Video: Webcam/Tablets
South Portland City Hall

Video Collaboration in College -- Gayle Langis, Joe Delan and Kareem Myrick, St. Joseph's College

November 7, 2012
Operational Aspects of Virtualization/Using the Cloud to Limit Costs
South Portland City Hall

October 3, 2012
Coming Soon to a Phone Near You -- New Maine USF Charges and SIP
South Portland City Hall

Maine Telecommunications Users Group Meeting:

SIP and Beyond: Sandi Paslic, CTI

USF -- OPA Perspective: Wayne Jortner, OPA

USF -- Wireless/Cable Perspective: Jim Cohen, Verrill Dana

USF -- Telephone Association of Maine Perspective: Ben Sanborn, Attorney

USF -- FairPoint Communications Perspective: Audrey Prior, FairPoint Communications

September 12, 2012
Mobile Device Management -- Security
Hollywood Casino, Bangor

The Platform for Mobile IT: Brad Gouzie, MobileIron

March 7 2012
What's New/What's It Do?
Fairchild Semiconductor, South Portland

Transport Complete: Rocky Pugliese, Barcoding, Inc.

Chief Performance Challenges: Jeff Jolicoeur, Network Instruments

February 1 2012
Cloud Communications
Anthem, South Portland

Cloud Communications: Scott Drummey, OTT Communications and Bonnie Page, Murray, Plumb & Murray

Cloud Storage: Doug Ennis, Nexus Management

Cloud Collaboration: Mike White, Know Technology and Kristin Collins, Island Institute

November 2, 2011
BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) -- Managing Against the Masses
Resiient Communications, Brunswick

Managing Against the Masses: Tom Groleau and Steve Reynolds, Meru Networks

October 5, 2011
Information Risk
Wright Express, South Portland

Merchant Risk from Payment Card Theft: Ande Smith, Tilson Technology Management

September 14, 2011
SIP Trunking
Jackson Labs, Bar Harbor

Hosted PBX: Scott Drummey, OTT Communications and Gil Maxwell, MPBN

Vantage Point: Steve Buza, FairPoint Communications

Dead River IPT Replacement Project: Curt Sweet, NetWorks Consulting

Dynamic SIP Trunking: Dave Gibson, PAETEC

March 2, 2011
Unified Communications
Fairchild Semiconductor

Unified Communications

Unified Communications 2011: Curt Sweet, Networks Consulting

Ubiquifying Unified Communications: Gary Cattarin, Avaya

Blackberry MVS 5.0: Ken Melling, RIM

The New Collaboration Experience: Rob Gilberti, Cisco

December 1, 2010
Anthem, South Portland


Data Privacy Standards and Regulations: John Smith, VistaLaw and Peter Brown, Georgetown Consulting Group

November 3, 2010
Data Center Primer
L.L. Bean, Lewiston

Data Center Primer

Data Center Overview: Time Warner Cable

Data Center Move: Pierce Atwood

October 6, 2010
VTEC, South Portland


Virtualization Overview: Know Technology

VDI: Greenpages

VDI Implementation: Martin's Point Healthcare

September 8, 2010
Broadband Access in Maine
Husson College, Bangor

Broadband Access in Maine

Mapping and Planning: Clarence Young, Sewall

Three Ring Binder Project Update: Josh Broder, Maine Fiber Company

Extending Broadband's Reach Throughout Maine: Susan Corbett, Axiom Technologies

Union River Broadband Update: Dave Pelletier, Union River Telephone