Past MTUG Technology Events

Did you miss an MTUG event? Many of our webinars and a few of our in-person events are available as either slideshow decks, recorded webinars, and other handouts. Check out our event archives for topics ranging from data center solutions, to VoIP solutions, to virtualization, to municipal broadband challenges, and so much more! Hear from many of your colleagues at organizations and companies just like yours about what their experience with new technologies has been.

Our 2016-17 Season of Webinar Recordings are available at our Webex Portal -- Click on "View Event Recordings" at top-right. Over time, our sessions, along with PDF files of the presentations, will also be added below.

Please note that our Peers & Beers after hours events are not recorded. Some may have presentations posted.

Past Events

Apr 11 2018

WEBINAR 7: Info Security & Data Inventories

11am-12pm, Online at

Two presentations: "Insight and Inventories: The ingredients of good I.S. decisions" and "Forcing function on data inventories: GDPR implementation"

Insight and Inventories: The ingredients of good I.S. decisions 
with Eric Berube, Bowdoin College ...

Mar 21 2018

Augusta Peers & Beers co-sponsored by Consolidated Communications!

4:30-6:30pm, The Gin Mill (above Riverfront BBQ)

[Download Available]

MTUG gathered for an evening of refreshments and learning! The evening featured a brief “Tech Spotlight” presentation, “The Maine OPA – Consumer Advocates in an Age of Net Uncertainty” with Liz Wyman, Senior Counsel, State of Maine Office of the Public Advocate. Ms. Wyman gave...

Feb 28 2018

WEBINAR 6: GSuite in the School Community

11am-12pm, Online at

[Video & Downloads Available]

Alice Barr of Yarmouth High School, and Eric Lawson of the York School Department, technology leaders in the area of Google deployments in education, share their experiences and discoveries in using Google's GSuite product in their districts.

Eric Lawson's presentation, "Going Google" gives an overview of...

Jan 17 2018

WEBINAR 5 - Cables to the Cloud

11AM - 12PM,

[Video & Downloads Available]

Cables to the Cloud: Hybrid network connectivity into Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Edward Taggart of WEX discusses connectivity options to Amazon Web Services (AWS) including VPN, Direct Connect Gateway and Inter-Region VPC Peering. The presentation focuses on real world...

Dec 13 2017

WEBINAR 4: DevOps Tools & Techniques

11AM - 12PM,

MTUG Webinars

[Video & Downloads Available]

MTUG held a DevOps-focused Webinar to look at how Mingle Analytics moved from manual deployments of its custom-built .NET console and web applications to a fully automated deployment pipeline using modern DevOps tools and techniques.

Sep 27 2017

Bangor Peers & Beers

4:30-6:30 PM, Season's Restaurant

MTUG hosts our Bangor “Peers and Beers” event at Season's Restaurant -- Co-Sponsored by FairPoint Communications !
MTUG Peers & Beers co-sponsored with FairPoint Communications!

Sep 13 2017

Broadband Update from TAM2017

12-1 pm, WEBINAR - Webex

MTUG broadcast their September Webinar LIVE from Booth #16 at TAM 2017 from 12pm-1pm on Wednesday September 13th.

MTUG was on site to celebrate the 50th Convention of the Telecommunications Association of Maine! We heard from leaders with municipal broadband and rural broadband initiatives and...

Aug 24 2017

Portland Peers & Beers

4:30 - 6:30 PM, Bruno's Restaurant & Tavern

MTUG hosts our season opening "Peers & Beers" -- co-sponsored by Blue Spruce Technologies! (

The event will be on THURSDAY, August 24, 2017 from 4:30 pm to 6:30 pm at...

Apr 12 2017

NNENIX - An Internet Exchange for Maine and Northern New England

11:00 AM-12:00 PM, Webinar

Join MTUG online for a discussion of the role of Internet Exchanges, and how organizations can benefit by either directly connecting to NNENIX or NNENIX-affiliated member ISPs.

NNENIX -- Northern New England Neutral Internet Exchange -- is a new, non-profit Internet Exchange (IX) specifically for Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont.
Apr 13 2016

Trends in Server Infrastructure

6 pm - 8 pm,

Doug Ennis of OneBridge Consulting, Joe McIntyre of Systems Engineering, and Brad Martin of Franklin Savings Bank present their views of trends in infrastructure solutions toward Software Defined Networking (SDN) and hyperconverged solutions.

Mar 09 2016

Mobile Device Management

6 pm - 8 pm,

Dan Groves of Gorham Savings Bank, Jeremy Koch of Foxcroft Academy, and John Revy of AT&T heir organizations' approach to managing mobile devices for their respective internal staff and customers and the mobile device management market in general.

Feb 10 2016

Webinar #5 (2015-16): Enabling a Mobile Workforce

11a-12p, Online at

This MTUG Webinar features a panel of telecommunications and network managers who will discuss their organizations' approaches to enabling a mobile workforce.

The speakers will touch on the strategies and tools they use to support workers within the office setting, on the...
Jan 27 2016

TECH SPOTLIGHT: The Internet of Things

6 pm - 8 pm,

Aron Semle gives a brief overview of the the Internet of Things as it has applies across a variety of applications and industries.

Jan 13 2016

What's New - Hosted PBX

12 pm,

Mike Linn of, presents the history and latest tools/techniques in Hosted PBX, and Al Bakutis, Enterprise Network Manager, at Fairchild Semiconductor, presents their hosted PBX decisions. Boardmembers Abbie Brown and Chris Falk coordinated.

Dec 09 2015

PCI Compliance

4:30 pm to 6:30 pm,

Jockel Carter returned to the MTUG platform to do an updated webinar version of his excellent PCI Compliance presentation from the 2015 MTUG Summit. MTUG Board member Linda Ollen and director Kate Carpenter moderated.

Nov 18 2015

Security Awareness

4:30 pm to 6:30 pm,

A panel of Maine security experts detail security awareness and training tips, stories, and techniques.

Nov 04 2015

Bangor Peers & Beers

4:30 pm to 6:30 pm,

TECH SPOTLIGHT: Log Management - Navigating the Log Jam

Sep 16 2015

Bangor Beers & Peers

4:40 pm to 30 pm, Ri-Ra, Portland

MTUG Boardmember Christopher Falk of Reliable Networks and Samual Gaudet of Tenable Network Security demonstrated Wireless Spoofing and discussed strategies at the September 16, 2015 Peers & Beers event at RiRa Irish Pub, Portland. Aruba Networks was our generous co-sponsor.

Mar 11 2015

Webinar #6 & Peers & Beers: Finding and Keeping Good IT People

3 pm to 6:30 pm,

A panel discussion with Ron Cantor, President of SMCC, Alex Kellogg, Recruiting Manager at TEK Systems, and Michelle Love, VP/HR Manager, Camden National Bank.

Maine IT Workforce: Maine businesses, like most US businesses, are having a hard time...

Feb 11 2015

Wireless for Business Continuity and Mobility

12 pm to 1 pm , Webinar

Chet Smith of Verizon Wireless gives an overview of industry trends and options for supporting business continuity and a mobile workforce with 4GE LTE wireless solutions.

Event moderation by MTUG director Kate Carpenter, with coordination assistance from MTUG...

Feb 11 2015

Wireless for Business Continuity and Mobility

12 pm to 1 pm, Webinar

Chet Smith of Verizon Wireless gives an overview of industry trends and options for supporting business continuity and a mobile workforce with 4GE LTE wireless solutions.

Event moderation by MTUG director Kate Carpenter, with coordination assistance from MTUG...

Jan 14 2015

Microsoft Exchange 2013 Migration with Bangor Savings

12 pm to 1 pm,

Andrew Grant and Jared Simpson of Bangor Savings discuss their recent MS Exchange 2013 migration.

Overview of Migrating to Exchange 2013 - Bangor Savings Bank's Experience, with Jared Simpson and Andrew Grant, Bangor Savings Bank. Event coordination by...