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Sr Software Quality Assurance Tester (Contract)


Contact Details

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Employer's Job Description

Our client is in the process of implementing a new, modernized technology solution to manage and support their clients and programs. The project will also include the analysis and development of interfaces to the data housed within the major legacy applications.

This position is remote currently however they may need to come in on an as needed basis when things are back to normal (1 day/week). Long-term contract through 2023.


  1. Execute Sprint cycle functional test scripts, document test results, and track issues - 40%
  2. Perform data migration verification, document validation results, and track issues - 40%
  3. Assist with the development and final review of user acceptance testing (UAT) scripts - 10%
  4. Coordinate and oversee the execution of all UAT scripts - 10%
  5. Participate in Testing team meetings and system demos

Top 3 Skills:

  1. Manual Web Application Testing Experience
  2. Manual Data Migration Verification Experience
  3. MS Teams Lists Issue Tracking Experience


  1. Manual Web App Testing 5 yrs exp.
  2. Manual Data Migration Verification 1 yr exp.
  3. MS Teams Lists Tracking - 1 yrs exp.
  4. Windows 10 with Office 2016 - Intermediate level
  5. Sharepoint - Intermediate
  6. Understand importance of handling secure data

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