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Sr IT Project Manager (Contract)


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Employer's Job Description

The Senior Project Manager is an integral role in supporting a Workday implementation. The implementation of Workday will be done with the support of an outside Vendor that brings product and implementation expertise to the team. The Senior Project Manager is expected to manage all components necessary to execute a successful implementation and rollout of the Workday product. This role will be required to lead collaborative planning, communications, and risk management processes with the Vendor and the various lead roles already in place.

To ensure success, this Senior Project Manager role will partner closely with Executives and Managers from all areas of IT and with the Human Resources team. To achieve success, there are four major areas of the Senior Project Manager’s responsibilities will be:

  1. Team Collaboration
    1. Coordinate and facilitate technology-driven requirements and conceptual design planning
    2. Working with assigned Sponsor and core team to ensure project resource plan is clear, complete, and achievable; communication plan is complete and accepted; schedule is clear and reasonable
    3. Ensure Vendor responsibilities are clear and those responsibilities are achieved on time and with the expected quality
  2. Project Management
    1. Core project monitoring and controlling tools are in place: scope management, detailed schedule, communication plan, risk management plan
    2. Perform resource planning based on scope; work within a matrix management environment
    3. High level of rigor to clear potential impacts to project milestones
    4. Ensure project’s progress, status, and challenges are communicated to a broad audience in concise manner, on a recurring basis
  3. Leadership
    1. Lead the project team through fact-based processes to support good decision-making
    2. Courage to challenge issues and roadblocks; confidence to challenge assumptions
    3. Commitment to ensuring core team and sponsorship know where the project is going and why
    4. Drive resolution efforts to remove barriers
  4. Technical acumen
    1. Possess experience needed to participate/contribute in highly technical discussions

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