Data Scientist

Berwick, ME

Contact Details

  • Company: Vantage Point Recruiting
  • Contact Name: Uli Stewart
  • Contact Email:
  • Career Website: Westbrook
  • Contact Phone: 2076502216

Job Description

The Data Scientist is a technical expert with a broad set of responsibilities related to the collection, management, visualization, and analysis of part, process, and business data. It is a multi-disciplinary role that blends data, statistics, computer science, and engineering. Duties range from production support to managing complex, long-term development projects.


  1. Ensure seamless data collection and storage
  2. Support complex data mapping
  3. Develop efficient and useful reporting tools
  4. Maintain accuracy of data with high level of detail, implementing corrective actions as required
  5. Maintain system efficiency, propose improvements, and monitor technology developments
  6. Initiate new data collection streams with guidance from the engineering team to determine parameters or processes to monitor
  7. Generate manufacturing data reports to support immediate feedback to the operators and generation of Quality documentation
  8.  Monitor production to detect and prevent process drifts
  9. Analyze manufacturing data to assess capability and determine opportunities for process improvements.
  10. Support SPC administration, data collection and analysis
  11. Provide data or documentation and make technical presentations to management
  12. Apply statistical methodology to complex data
  13. Perform mathematical modeling in support of production projects
  14. Support the effort to make pertinent data visible throughout the manufacturing facility
  15. Perform internal audits to validate the quality and usability of the data
  16. Perform engineering database administration, maintenance and updates
  17. Interact with engineering team and international team of data engineers & data scientists to ensure alignment of data collection, analysis, and reporting amongst three facilities
  18. Propose, lead, and participate in data driven projects utilizing DMAIC and DMADV principles
  19. Manage urgent work deadlines and high profile deliverables in an efficient manner
  20. Develop training material and facilitate training sessions as warranted
  21. Identify opportunities for process improvement while coordinating and implementing automated solutions


  1. Bachelor’s degree in Engineering, Computer Science, Data Science/Engineering, Information Technology, Mathematics, Physics, or other relevant technical degree including a strong statistical background
  2. Experience in a related role, or a comprehensive portfolio that demonstrates technical abilities that are commensurate with the job requirements
  3. Strong IT skills: database knowledge; ability to specify software development requirements
  4. Strong proficiency in SQL and Object-Oriented Programming (e.g., C#, Python, Java)
  5. Experience with web development frameworks (e.g., Django, ASP.NET, Ruby On Rails)
  6. Experience with data visualization packages preferred (e.g., Plotly, Shiny, etc.)
  7. Machine learning & deep learning experience preferred