Oct 27 2021
MTUG Events

ExecTech Webinar #1 - Learn to Hack Modern Websites with OWASP Juice Shop

11 AM - 12 PM

Join Ben Allen, an experienced penetration testing manager and force behind the local hacker / security learning collaborative, DC207. Ben will give the audience an understanding of what security testing looks like for web applications, as well as some basics on how to perform web application security testing, and some resources to learn more.

Session Description:

Have you ever thought...

Oct 21 2021
Community Tech Events

OpenMaine Monthly Virtual Meetup


6 PM - 8 PM -

[go direct to event/organization website]

Once a month we gather to discuss and build civic technology.

Current active projects:

- Maine Ballot ( maineballot.org)- The goal of MaineBallot.org is to provide concise, non-partisan information to make it easy to understand the ballot questions pending in Maine.

- Rent Stabilization Calculator - A cost calculator to help tenants understand landlords comply with...

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Oct 14 2021
Community Tech Events

Hardware Honeypot Workshop

DC207 (DefCon 207)

6 PM - 7 PM -

[go direct to event/organization website]

A honeypot is an intentionally created fake system that is designed as a trap for the potential attackers. They deviate the attack to the fake system rather than the original system and even it helps you detect the malicious traffic and track them. In this workshop we'll be building our own honeypots with microcontrollers. Bring your laptop with you, this...

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Oct 12 2021
Community Tech Events

Game Hack Night

Hack Portland

7 PM - 10 PM -

[go direct to event/organization website]

Each week we have a focus theme in hopes of generating more collisions between people with a particular interest. The 2nd Tuesday is Game Hack Night - developing video games, mobile games, new tabletop games, hacking old tabletop games, modding old-school game consoles, remixing game midi tracks, whatever! As usual, this is open format - there is no official program...

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