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MTUG Scholarship Sponsorships

MTUG Scholarship Sponsor Program

The Maine Technology Users Group annually sponsors multiple scholarships -- all administered through the University of Maine Foundation for any qualifying student in the University of Maine system. We seek annual sponsors from the Maine IT community who are willing to donate in amounts of up to $1000. Sponsors will be recognized and appreciated for their generosity fostering information technology and infrastructure students in Maine. Donors are encouraged to sponsor for two consecutive years.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why the MTUG scholarship program?

The purpose of the MTUG scholarship program is to enhance Maine's networking and IT labor pool for the benefit of Maine’s businesses and communities.

What is the scholarship program’s area of focus?

Preference is given to candidates whose interests are aligned with MTUG. The scholarships only support students studying in areas relevant to networking, telecommunications, or IT applications. This includes students whose programs are in the fields of business, computer science, and electrical and computer engineering, when these programs specialize in an IT topic such as networking, telecommunications, broadband, wireless, etc.

What are some scholarship details?

The scholarship donations are to be a minimum of $500 or $1000 per year. MTUG then will partially or fully match your donation as part of the full reward, extending your impact for technology students -- the full award to the students depends on how much MTUG can match across all donations in a given year. Scholarships are awarded to students who have completed two years of a four-year bachelors program in a relevant area and who are continuing in this area. Assuming satisfactory progress, the student's award may be renewed for a second year.

How are the scholarships funded?

The scholarships are funded annually by companies and organizations that have an interest in developing Maine’s networking, telecommunications, and information technology applications based labor force.

How are the scholarships be named?

The scholarships will be named as follows:

The MTUG-YourCompanyName Information Technology Scholarship.

Who administers the scholarships?

The scholarships are administered by the University of Maine Foundation, an independent, nonprofit 501(c)(3) fundraising entity specializing in endowed funds and planned giving for all schools in the University of Maine System. Donors will use the University of Maine Foundation's donation address or online donation tool. To make sure donors receive proper recognition with MTUG at our events, press releases and publications, all donors should please be sure to contact MTUG as instructed below as part of any donation.

What are the required candidate qualifications?

Since the MTUG Scholarships are meant for Maine students who are serious about entering the IT field, the required qualifications for all candidates are:

  1. Be part of a well-defined program,
  2. Be entering the 3rd year of a 4-year MTUG-relevant Bachelor’s program,
  3. Be a graduate of a Maine High School,
  4. Be a student in the University of Maine System,
  5. Be a full-time student using the institution’s definition, and
  6. Have academic achievement as shown by his/her transcript.

What are the required institutional qualifications?

The institution attended by the student must be a part of the University of Maine System and the student’s program must be fully accredited by the appropriate accrediting bodies.

For more information, or to become an MTUG Scholarship sponsor, please contact:

Ron Brown, MTUG Board member and MTUG Scholarship Liaison 

Ready to Give? MTUG 2017 Scholarship Series Donation Forms:

2017 MTUG Scholarship Donor Form (Microsoft Word *.docx file)

2017 MTUG Scholarship Donor Form (Adobe PDF)