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IT Support Specialist

Jul 7, 2017

Company: Maine District Attorney Technical Services

Location: Augusta, Maine

Contact: <p><a href=""></a></p>

This position provides information technology support work related to computer applications, technology equipment and network administration.

This is complex IT support services requiring a solid knowledge of Windows OS (Windows 7,8,10) and related computer applications.  This position provides technical service work in an integrated computer network environment; performing basic system administration under the supervision of higher level technical personnel.  Responsibility include installing and configuring system hardware and software, and performing advanced troubleshooting.  Independent decision-making is required on the appropriate processes to follow, information to process, and actions to take in accordance with standard procedures.


Perform basic system administration for a multi-regional computer environment to secure the network and maximize utilization.

Install PCs and peripherals, attach devices to existing LANs, servers, and peripherals.

Recieve, document, image and track new equipment and prepare used equipment for surplus disposition.

Advise and train users in the general operation of computer systems including case-management software, utility sofware such as word processing, spreadsheets, and basic databases.

Perform back-ups and file maintenance of data.

Check and respond to nightly processes which may or may not have run successfully.

Create spreadsheets and perform data management.

Examine information, determine facts, detect errors and irregularities, and take action as authorized.

Comply with the requirements of State policies, including those concerning human resource components of security protocols, of agency information security and confidentiality policies for State business purposes.


Knowledge of personal computer operating system(s).

Knowledge of modern computer application software.

Knowledge of query and research techniques.

Ability to comprehend and follow documented procedures.

Ability to communicate to non-technical people using non-technical language.

Ability to install personal computer hardware, software, and peripherals, and to guide others on how to do this over the phone.

Ability to create spreadsheets and perform data management.

Ability to ensure integrity and availability of data by performing data back-up and file maintenance.

Ability to perform work requiring lifting and/or physical exertion may be required.

Ability to exercise good judgment in appraising situations and making decisions/recommendations.

Ability to document complex procedures.


Training, education or experience in administrative support work that demonstrates 1) competency in applying a solid knowledge of iT operating systems and computer applications necessary to perform complex work and basic system administration, and 2) the ability to use independent decision making on the appropriate processes to follow, information to process and actions to take in accordance with standard procedures.

A complete background check and fingerprinting is required for this position.

Salary range: $27,500 - $33,000









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